Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13

Howdy from Woodville, TX where a piece of my heart will always reside.  As much as I hate to admit it, this may or may not be my last email as Sister Pilmer- full time missionary.  I might be able to email next Monday, but I'm not quite sure.  I truly do love Woodville and I truly love Texas.  It's really easy to love a place where you feel so loved and are able to give so much of your heart to the building up of the Lord's kingdom. 
Monday was a busy, but normal preparation day. We had dinner w/ Bro and Sis EarlWayne and Linda O*.  The A* were there too, and we all enjoyed Sis. O*s green enchiladas w/ delicious sides, and Sis. A* lava brownies for dessert.  After dinner and a lesson we met up w/ Emelie O* who drove us to Vidor.  In Vidor I switched places w/ Sis. Salsberry, a new missionary serving in Sulphur, LA.  I rode to Sulphuer w/ my temporary, beloved companion Sis. Kinikini, and the fabulous Sis. D*- a treasured member  friend from my days in Lake Charles.  We got home in time to settle in and get ready for bed.  Sis. Kinikini and I had to make a concious effort to stop talking to go to sleep.  We were just so excited to be together and had so much catching up to do. 
Tuesday was a wonderful miracle-filled day of working in Sulphur.  We visited lots of people- 3 investigators, 3 less-actives members, and 1 active member family.  We had so much fun and even ended up having 2 dinner appts.... plus lemon cake at our final appt. of the evening.  We came home exhausted and full of way too much food!  I love Louisiana and it was such a blessing to return for a day and see familiar faces and to learn so much from working w/ Sis. Kinikini.  I just loved it!
Wednesday we woke up early to head to zone conference in Beaumont.  The meeting was not only my last zone conference, but also the Moldenhauers'.  It was a very edifying, spiritual, emotional meeting.  I bore my final public testimony as departing missionaries do in zone conferences and I didn't cry... but I did do my nervous hair-flipping thing.  One day- I'll kick that habit.  When I sat down after, I realized that I had just born my testimony from the very same pulpit at which I bore my testimony for the first time ever in public as a young child.  That was a tender moment.  We drove away from the meeting in a sweet new white Chevy Colorado.  The Woodville sisters now have a truck to drive :)  It's needed in this area and we love it.  We had an awesome church tour w/ new investigator Miriam O* that afternoon and enjoyed a wonderful dinner w/ Sis. Doloroes L*.
My time to finish this email is drawing to a close.... so I'm going to skip over the remainder of the week.  I'll actually try to recount the remainder of the week and post it to my blog when I return home (I have notes).  I would just like to take these last 3 minutes and express the gratitude my heart is filled w/.  I am SO grateful the Lord has allowed me to come and work in the portion of His vineyard.  This time has been such a precious gift filled w/ treasured learning and developing treasured friendships.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is TRUE!! Christ lives and is our Savior and Redeemer!  I love y'all to pieces!!!!
*~Sister Pilmer~*


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